About Us

College Abroad was launched under the holding company Namus Ventures. The founder Mr. Suman Prasad is a certified career counselor from University of California Los Angeles (Extension). He spent 20+ years in the IT industry in various leadership roles across global locations. In his 12 year stint in the US he saw the education industry first hand. Colleges are getting expensive in India and job opportunities narrower by the day. By launching this company Suman has partnered with some of the best educations institutions abroad keeping in mind these three core values : 

Quality Education + Affordability + Security of Job.

College Abroad appoints authorized franchisees across multiple cities in India and run by people who are deeply passionate to help the student community. 

We hold very high ethics in running our business and no money is taken without providing receipts. There is no cash dealing!! 

College Abroad is head quartered in Bangalore.