Clinical Rotation in USA

New doctor or a medical student?  Do you want to enrich yourself with 4 week clinical rotation experience in USA. 

For a doctor even a small exposure and hands-on experience in a US hospital is worth every penny. You not only get a real world experience of a US hospital, you get to know the culture, people and network with experts in the medical industry. Who knows what door might open in the future.

Our partnership with Chicago based company has a mission to serve international medical graduates and students with placement and supportive services for medical externships and clerkships, that is, hands-on clinical rotations. 

Under supervision, you will be able to take medical histories, perform clinical examinations,and present cases to supervising physician, present options for treatment plans and receive feedback from supervising physician. We offer core and elective clinicals and can work together with your medical school to make sure that you receive corresponding credit.

Placements include a pre-placement orientation on HIPAA requirements, cultural-competency, and an overview on securing other training (Basic Life Support Certification, Basic First Aid Certification, Blood Borne Pathogens Certification, etc.). 

Through our highly specialized team that uses a 21st century virtual office, we aim to provide open and timely communication, with an honest, jargon-free and pressure-free approach to customer service. Our commitment to social justice and our low overhead costs keep our fees fair, competitive, and not exploitative of the great demand for US clinical experience.

Apart from a competitively priced rotation, the following are also included -

Medical malpractice insurance coverage
Housing placement assistance
CV review and editing
Personal statement review and editing
Drug testing (when required by placement site)
Visa support